Verge Monitor is an easy to use wireless alarm system to monitor your investments from your cell phone or computer. The Verge Monitor is portable so it can also be used to monitor a home, cottage, business, plane, RV, camper and more.


Vital information is sent to your portable devices via the widely available GSM cellular network on request or when an alarm is activated. Upon alarm activation, a text message is sent to your cell phone and/or an email is sent to your PC / PDA. Optionally, our business partner NationWide Digital Monitoring provides 24/7 coverage and will notify up to three contacts if an alarm event occurs.


Command text messages can be sent from your cell phone or alternatively from AT&T and T-Mobile web sites. Deck lights, an air conditioner or any other device can be turned on by remotely sending a command to the unit. An optional siren/strobe light can also be installed.


It consists of a small base unit installed in the main cabin and a wireless remote unit mounted in the engine room for high water and fire alerts.


Ideal for winter storage, offers protection in or out of the water.


GPS Tracking - We offer the worlds smallest GPS tracker that you can monitor via SMS/text commands. With up to a 15 hour battery life, this little device fits almost anywhere. You can auto track it, listen in silently, and even get basic information like travel speeds and instant movement notification all directly back to your mobile phone.